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March 8, 2022

Structured Vacation Care Activities

March 8, 2022

Structured vacation care activities may possibly be the answer to busy family schedules. School holidays can be demanding time for the parents and guardians of school-aged children. Although the kids wish that this time be for lazing around, playing video games and enjoying nothing to do, the adults can have other ideas.

These ideas are sometimes centered along the lines of improving and preparing them for their later lives. They say experience is the best teacher and with such structured vacation care activities the children can take their pick of holiday programs that interest them.

Vacation Care Australia offers an extensive range of performers, inspirational children’s authors, and activities such as STEM, Science Week, Book Week, Harmony Day, Grandparents Day, sustainability events and cultural experiences such as Naidoc and Anzac as well as fun venues.

After school and vacation care time like any time is a valuable resource which is the reason parents and some adults want to take advantage of it. Vacation care and after school agencies help in this aspect and provide children with a safe space to create new beginnings, experiences and friends while they explore and play.

Ever has a hilariously funny way to play soccer? Then Wet and Wild Wacky Football is the way to go. Children will use inflatable bubble soccer balls to complete a range of wet and dry activities. The vacation care activity includes 10 inflatable bubble soccer balls and approximately 15 water buckets. 

This wildly fun soccer play’s objective is to push each other over. Have lively, rolling fun in bubble soccer balls and complete challenges such as balancing and throwing balls into the bubble soccer balls.

Combine space and active play with Nerf invaders and battle it out in an inflatable alien spaceship! This is a whole new level of Nerf Wars. The battleground is set in an inflatable alien spaceship where kids will test their aim and plan strategy while working as a team. This is a fast paced and action-packed activity that the kids will surely have loads of fun playing.

Outdoor play is considered physically healthiest combining exercise, communication and a bigger space for them to explore and flap to their heart’s content.