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November 29, 2021

Vacation Care Kids Activities: Action!

November 29, 2021

Vacation Care kids activities  to entertain the children this holiday season can be fun and educational. Today’s Sydney vacation care providers design vacation care programs that attract and teach children valuable life lessons as well as expand or introduce an aspect of their development. Slightly older children know about Christmas and may behave all excitedly anticipating this joyful season.


As November ends, parents are somewhat anxious at having the children around at home because of school holidays. It is hard enough to find a safe and affordable vacation care kids activities provider that will take in school-age kids and encourage their chosen pursuits and activities.


Vacation Care Australia offers school holidays kids activities this Christmas season so the kids will discover something new and learn a little more over the holiday break. This also is a good chance for them to make new friends and social encounters. 

Vacation Care Kids Activities

The Melbourne excursion “Improvise your life” is a workshop where there are two magical phrases kids are made to contemplate. “What if…”… “yes, and…” where kids are encouraged to think outside the box and utilising their imagination. It’s an acting workshop that aims to allow kids the expressive space and time that life sometimes restricts. Let melodrama and emotions run high with occasional doses of humour.

This is a perfect example of teaching children cause and effect and making them think on their feet. An excellent approach to introduce them to theatre and performance arts and learn effective storytelling and acting skills.


Speak up is a Melbourne vacation care that teaches children to be fierce, be loud and be heard. It is a workshop course at finding one’s own unique voice. Playacting and warming up voice exploring the vocal range, tone and pitch going from the quietest mouse to the loudest roar of a lion. Doing exercises such as tongue twisters, alliterations and chants to develop new skill sets. Being able to manage the voice is important for communication and learning how to express our thoughts properly gives confidence in our dealings.


Vacation care activities such as these initiate the steps into self-development and emerging self-awareness and discovery.