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April 1, 2019

Answering The Whys

April 1, 2019

Anybody who has been around an awake toddler for more than five minutes will tell you that they ask a lot of questions, unless they are glued to their screens or a book. Even then, they will have moment when they pause and reflect and ask a question (or ten!)

Children are naturally inquisitive and their minds are like sponges that absorbs things that you teach them and tell them and are natural imitators. For them to continue asking, you must feed this hunger for knowledge. Most adults have a difficult time answering the whys of a child.


A typical child will have around 288 questions a day depending on their age and level of interest in a subject. These inquiring young minds do not just ask easy questions. They would sometimes not let go of a question until they are satisfied with your answer.

Where to start? What to do? Am I doing it right? These and more are your guidelines in providing your children with satisfactory steps ensuring that they keep asking, learning and keep discovering the world around them.

Classes and incursions are a good way to deal with childrens’ questions. Incursions are activities arranged by schools or an individual providing resource speakers that are not only experts at the subject but experienced at delivering the lessons enthusiastically so the audience will learn and take the most out of the teaching and all this is within a safe environment.


Incursions are extensions of the ordinary classes providing in-depth learning opportunities in a real world setting and sometimes practical applications. These learning junctures are the perfect complementary arrangement for children that requires more than what school lessons provide.

Inquisitive little minds will be engaged in a fun and fresh ways of learning that will make them hungry for more knowledge all inside the learning space that they feel safe in.