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July 31, 2022

Give Jumping Vacation Care Fun Activities A Try

July 31, 2022

Jumping vacation care fun activities? If you know kids, then you know they like jumping. A lot! Giving them some fun vacation care activities to try will surely endear you to them. Being active is normal to children. They are naturally loud, boisterous and can be chaotic.Most parents cannot cope with the energy of these kids. There is a wish we often hear: if we’re able to bottle the kids energy and market it, we’d be millionaires!


Jumping is known to be good for the body. It activates almost whole sets of muscles. It is a calisthenics exercise (gymnastic simple movements). Whether using a rope or doing jumping jacks, the easy motion of jumping has loads of health benefits. Jumping vacation care fun activities is most suitable for children with limitless energy.


Benefits of Jumping 

Jumping involves surges of energy. Continuously doing it will (as we wish children will do) can drain their energies quickly and still keep them in a good mood.

  • Good for the whole body. Jumping costs nothing. The quick spurts of movement also digs into reserves or energy.
  • It builds strength and activates the upper and lower body.
  • Gears and accessories are optional. You could do jumping jacks or use a jump rope and weights.
  • It is a major calorie burner. When done continuously, losing weight will be a sure thing
  • Increases bone density through the pulling of the muscles against bones.
  • It can be done anywhere at any time


Did somebody say jump? Let’s multiply that ten times with Tuff Nutterz!

Tuff Nutterz is one of the world’s largest inflatable obstacle courses. Spanning 270 metres, the Tuff Nutterz inflatable obstacle course is designed to test your skills, your strength and your team working skills. 

With over 30 different obstacles to work your way through, Tuff Nutterz is a fun way to get the kids moving. It is suitable for kids of all ages, the Tuff Nutterz challenge is a great day out!. 

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