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August 31, 2022

Investing In The Future Through Vacation Care

August 31, 2022

Why vacation care? Vacation care programs are like investing in the future of your child. Quite like education and other necessities that you have researched and contemplated on, letting your child experience different incursions and excursions activities are good for them. 


Vacation Care Australia recognises the efforts and regard parents have for their children and their children’s future. And helps said parents take a breather or two by giving children exciting activities that will occupy them for an hour or more.


Why vacation care programs? The activities children participate in are quite varied. It would normally depend on their interests, people they are with and what other options they have. 


What investments do we mean? Children’s physical, mental  and social health and their well being. Incursions, excursions, vacation care and school holidays activities are able to do this by providing them with challenging (mental) activities (physical) with new and old friends (social), fun and enjoyment being the end result. Like this physically challenging vacation care located in the heart of Brisbane. Gripd is a vertical playground for the next generation.

Gripd is a brand new bouldering facility with 900 square meters of vertical fun, specially designed for kids. It offers fun and engaging vertical challenges where children can step outside their comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment.


What is bouldering, you say?

Bouldering is climbing to lower heights and over soft mats, removing the hassle of harnesses, ropes and belaying. It is a highly social form of climbing involving physical problem solving and is also HEAPS of fun. It is a perfect vacation care activity for beginners to more advanced young climbers. 


These types of school holidays activities develop social and emotional capability. As a children’s group activity naturally facilitates supportive group behaviour, communication and teamwork.

Some benefits of bouldering include building up stamina and endurance. Figuring a route to take climbing up requires logic and analysis thus improving balance and spatial awareness. Taking that route puts pressure and activates muscles and the cardiovascular system. 

Bouldering is good for the body and the mind. Too much, though, like anything in excess, can be bad and may lead to injury.