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November 4, 2021

A Helpful, Sustainable Christmas

November 4, 2021

Will it not be awesome  to have a helpful,  sustainable Christmas? We are so used to extravagance and filled with thoughts in making people around us happy. But it is called silly season for a reason. One can splurge and focus on just that one day without considering the impact it may have to the environment.


Vacation Care Australia offers school holiday activities that will make this Christmas season a time for curiosity and developing certain interests. The vacation care activities that we have are designed to not only teach but put in practice the instructions and valuable lessons imparted to the children.

A Helpful, Sustainable Christmas1

In keeping with the silliness and sustainability theme, Sydney vacation care activities include “The Little Bug Ruins Christmas”, where the litter bug together with Lisa, the Litter Guard, have adventures and tours across NSW becoming synonymous with the catchphrase What’s S.U.P.? (Single Use Plastic).


Together with some of their helpful audience, the Litter Bug’s recent birthday celebrations taught him that balloons are harmful for ocean creatures. He has also been shown how easy it is to ‘swap this for that’ using biodegradable products instead of single use party straws, plates and tablecloths. 


In this live show, Lisa the Litter Guard and their audience will aim to walk him through a sustainable Christmas and explore how to cut down single use items at Christmas time. From the wrapping paper on the presents to decorations and party table preparations, The Litter Bug can’t go wrong, can he?


Dreaming of a green Christmas? Then jump in with the Hort4Kidz crew as they strive for a green Christmas. Create a unique and sustainable ‘Growing Gift’ that family and friends will be more than thrilled to receive. Crafted with plenty of love, care and creativity makes for a thoughtful present that will last. Children are tasked to artistically create a special and beautiful pot with Christmas paper and choose a Christmas inspired seedling to plant inside. This living gift is complete with a tree tag ready for delivery in Santa’s sleigh! 


These vacation care programs will not only entertain your children but also teach them a thing or two about being environmentally conscious and appreciating the world around them. The perfect gift that is worth more than money. A real win – win.