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June 11, 2022

After School Care Activities – Sydney, Melbourne

June 11, 2022

After school care activities vary from region to region. Vacation care school holiday activities are the go-to for parents looking for fun-filled but also beneficial after school care activities in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne. Finding an after school care provider nearby makes it easier for both the parents and children.  


After school programs assist children’s social, emotional, intrapersonal and educational development. It has a ton of long term hidden benefits for children which includes discovering leadership tendencies, improved social skills, and busy pursuits leading them away from dodgy behaviour.   


Activate your skate – active attitudes is carefully crafted to share safely with kids the joys of skating. Bump ramps, rails and ¼ pipes are all set up on site for the kids to explore. Experienced skate coaches will showcase the basics from balance and technique to jumps and grinds. 


Whether you have a group of enthusiasts or beginner boarders, this program is set to encourage the kids to build confidence on a skateboard.  It is sponsored by Trilogy skateboards whose team will facilitate on-site with ramps and equipment along with boards and helmets for each child. 


This experience will activate a child’s team building skills, involve their problem solving abilities, spotlight their creative sides and be physically challenged while learning the importance of trust, support and facing their fears.


Prepare for serious educational entertainment overload with all day science fun with Ranger Jaimie. On this fast paced, hands-on Science Fun Day, students are completely immersed within the amazing and mind-blowing world of science. From physical forces to the properties of matter, students will be exposed to the fun-damentals of science through a range of exciting, messy and explosive activities. 


Billycart racing, slime making, rocket launching, explosions and even lava lamp crafting will have students in disbelief at how FUN science can be!


On a day like no other, students will observe first-hand how forces affect the behaviour of objects and develop their understanding of solids, liquids and gasses. They won’t even realise that they’re learning! Prepare to get messy on a day that your students will be talking about for a long time to come!


Whether it’s launching gas rockets or managing skate ramps, Vacation Care Australia is your go-to in creating effective, educational and memorable vacation care programs. We do this by building strong partnerships with entertainers, educators and venues to deliver that WOW factor in your vacation care activities.