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March 31, 2019

Benefits of Introducing Early Dancing to Children

March 31, 2019

Dancing is so intuitive and natural. It is often viewed as a recreational activity, sometimes a hobby, a career and even an exercise. It can be a solitary undertaking or a group activity. Either way, it enhances movement and benefits the body.

Dancing can greatly reduce stress. Every physical movement relieves our mind, this is a proven fact. When the body feels good, the mind follows suit. But more than this, there are several more proof of the benefits of introducing early dancing to children.


Dancing as an outlet

Creativity comes out in many forms. Dancing provides a safe, creative space to express these little ones’ personalities, an outlet to be themselves. Their imagination come alive with costumes, the flow and movement of their bodies to the music makes for structured exercise and helps the body and mind work in harmony.


Dancing for confidence

Dance is a form of nonverbal communication, it was first used in celebrations and rituals. An expression of gratitude, requests, intent like the haka and rain dance. Interpretative and freestyle put into motion what words could not convey. Early introduction to dance corrects and improves posture, flexibility, balance and movement range.  Confidence starts when they discover control of their bodies and knowing what they can make their bodies do. Learning and mastering dance steps and whole routines as time goes motivates them to learn more and improve daily.


Dancing for mental acuity

Repetition of dance moves makes for better muscle memory and coordination. Group choreographed dances are more planned and practiced which teaches discipline – coming in prepared and on time; teaches timing and coordination, social skills and teamwork needed to execute it beautifully. It improves focus, memory, cognitive skills and when there’s a misstep as what sometimes happen, improvisation and decision-making is developed. Children who are introduced to dance at an early age also become more appreciative of the different kinds of music. This helps develop adaptability and openness.


But dance not only helps children, it is good for adults too. All the benefits a child can gain from it, an adult can too. But exposed early, dance can help skip the awkward years and acquire not only confidence and great mental health but also friends. Dancing friends for life.