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February 5, 2021

Finding Safe Kids Activities Pandemic Style

February 5, 2021

The pandemic situation the world is facing forces most businesses to innovate safe kids activities for them to still have a childhood, to be able to play and interact with other kids. Distance and safety becomes synonymous, though the fun sometimes is left out. But that should not be the case for they are only young once and having limits to what is accessible to them could affect their individual progress and growth.


Outdoor fun is one of the family activities that bond family members. Reunions and get-togethers that include distant relatives that live far away is an important part of growing up. These gatherings connect them to the past and help in their character building and self-identity. Their shared history, traditions and memories make the relationships stronger, the sense of belonging more intense.


With proper precaution in place, safe kids activities can still be enjoyed. Most businesses follow safety guidelines and protocols for the safety of everyone. These times when every reputable company has to observe additional measures, facing a new normal seems to be bearable.


Vacation Care Australia specialises in vacation care, group events, incursion and excursions and other school holiday activities in a safe, controlled environment that will allow them the freedom of expressing themselves and discovering, learning stuff without fear they might get the Coronavirus. 

Finding Safe Kids Activities Pandemic Style1

These include physical activities with exercises and fun drills and challenges that encourage skill development  and bring about health benefits like Footy Fever for individual drills or team activities that strengthen team building. Get to know our Royal Flying Doctors and explore a life-sized replica of the planes complete with the life saving equipment like stretchers, oxygen and communications equipment used by our dedicated doctors and nurses, our everyday heroes, in fulfilling their duties. 


Get to know more about wildlife, their habitats and how they survive in the wild with Minibeasts and Super-shelters. Arrow tag combines archery, paintball and dodgeball to test agility and strategy for exuberant kids or they can go all out on the Nerf Wars challenges. A must try is the iFly where children of all abilities can spread their wings and fly!


Visiting parks and walking around open spaces, biking, kicking balls on playgrounds (tag is a no-no), scavenger hunt and other places and games that can be done within safe distance with all the safety precautions observed can still make our children’s childhood be amazing.